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Final Major Project – Week 7

Last Stage Development

This week I develop the last functions I need to implement, these functions are queuing system, notification, and search.

For search function I use Algolia as a search API using firebase functions.
This solution I find by using this tutorial as a base.

Tutorials :

Here is some screenshots I take for the development

Here is a link for a blog post about my application, and please try and test the app.

Link :

To be continue

Final Major Project – Week 6

Developing progress

This week I have been working on my queuing system.

  1. Creating a profile page and upload image to database storage.
  2. Creating a queue and upload the image to database storage.
  3. Output created the queue database into the cards for the UI.
  4. Make a favourite feature for the queues.
  5. Creating queue details.

Here is some screenshots of the UI I have been developing.

To be continue

Final Major Project – Week 5

Developing Stage

Week 5 still in the progress of developing the application, start to create the functions for authentication and connecting databases. Also creating the main function for queuing.

Testing and UI Design Review

This week I also did some user testing and try to get some feedback. Not forget to mention also I try to get some feedback about my UI design from other developers and designers.

Testing App – Heat maps

User Flow

UI Design Review

From the testing that I have done, I get some feedback and insight for my project. My app is still far away from completion with this testing I can improve some area.

To be continue

Final Major Project – Week 4

Building Application

In the 4th week, I have been developing the application, finishing the frontend, and start developing the backend to communicate with firebase for the database

Nothing haven’t been improve because working at the backend is lot of struggle.

Final Major Project – Week 3

Finalize UI

The latest UI version that I have design, there will be more changes or update regarding the UI for the front-end development stage.

Development Preparation

For the development preparation, I make a github as my repository for this project. To check the repo please fo here :

Front-end Development

For the 3rd week, what I do is only focus on the front-end development stage. This is some screenshots for the development progress I have been working.

Project is to be continue….

Final Major Project – Week 2

Designing Logo

The second I start to design my logo concept into a digital image. I create some logos for comparison and finding which one is the best logo I can use for my application.

Finishing Wireframe and UI Design

Not only I design the logo for my app but also finishing my wireframe and UI Design, there is several revision I make for the UI.

Inline Wireframe Examples

Inline UI-Design Examples

This is some example some screens for my application, but this is still not my final UI because there will be more revision to make it more easy and sense for the users.

Learning Flutter

Moving from ideation and designing, it’s time to do some development. In this project, I use flutter as my framework to develop my application. In the last week, I have learned about Dart programming language and the structure of it. These are some resources that I used for my studies about flutter and dart.

Learning Code by Doing and Practice

To understand more about making the UI from design -> code, I follow some tutorial from youtube ( (Abdul Aziz Ahwan).

Project is to be continue….

Final Major Project – Week 1

Building App Preparation

My first week after finishing my FMP contract I did some brainstorming to ideate my project. What is the use case, user flow (where it starts and ends), also manage to find all the screens I need to develop later.

App logo Ideation

After working with my base app idea, I sketch some ideas for my application logo.

Here is some of my idea, still by sketch but later I will design it using Adobe Illustrator.

Rough Wireframe

The next thing I do is making some wireframe sketch, trying different idea that I can implement to my project.

Colour choice

Doing some research about colour theory and choosing the right colour theme for my app project.

Colour theory studies :

After doing my research I decide that i will use an red’is – orange colour as my primary colour.

Primary colour

Why i choose this colour?
Red in colour phycology have a meaning that it is exciting, full of energy and action. For orange it self have a meaning about creativity, adventures, and balance. With this colour as a primary colour, I hope the user can feel that this app is exciting to use and balance in action for queueing. No need to rush and be patient.

After choosing my primary colour I tried to do some UI design. I want to see if the colour fits my project

Project is to be continue….