Final Major Project – Week 1

Building App Preparation

My first week after finishing my FMP contract I did some brainstorming to ideate my project. What is the use case, user flow (where it starts and ends), also manage to find all the screens I need to develop later.

App logo Ideation

After working with my base app idea, I sketch some ideas for my application logo.

Here is some of my idea, still by sketch but later I will design it using Adobe Illustrator.

Rough Wireframe

The next thing I do is making some wireframe sketch, trying different idea that I can implement to my project.

Colour choice

Doing some research about colour theory and choosing the right colour theme for my app project.

Colour theory studies :

After doing my research I decide that i will use an red’is – orange colour as my primary colour.

Primary colour

Why i choose this colour?
Red in colour phycology have a meaning that it is exciting, full of energy and action. For orange it self have a meaning about creativity, adventures, and balance. With this colour as a primary colour, I hope the user can feel that this app is exciting to use and balance in action for queueing. No need to rush and be patient.

After choosing my primary colour I tried to do some UI design. I want to see if the colour fits my project

Project is to be continue….

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