Final Major Project – week 0

Concept and Ideation

Project idea: Queuing App

App name: inline


Develop a queuing app to provide help for local business to run in the current situation. By implementing social/physical distancing customer no need again to queue outside, they can just search the place they want to go and queue using the app. In the queuing app user will see how many queues a store can accept in a day and how may customers can go inside the store at a time. User will be providing with a number and timestamp that indicate how many times left before their turn.

This project idea not only for this current situation but also can be useful for the future. By using a queuing app business can run more smoothly, for example small services. Users will feel more relief that they now their turn to use the service.


  • Location search
  • Queuing Rooms
  • User profile
  • Payment system (unsure)


  • Account authentication
  • Geolocation / Google maps
  • Time indicator
  • Queue notification

Queuing method: FIFO (First in first out)

  • Flutter
  • Google Firebase

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